Everybody wants to be fit and have a good body, but is it an easy task? Yes it is, exercise is an easy task if you are motivated enough to take it up .If your mind is focused on achieving a good body, getting that perfect body will not be very difficult. Here are a few tips about how you can motivate yourself to work out consistently.
  • Keep telling yourself you’re a winner and you will soon feel like one.Life is all about being positive and keeping the negatives away. Instead of thinking of the failures in life, think about all the small success stories you’ve made. Remind yourself of the school sprint race that you won or the pat on your back that you received for helping your friend. Thinking about your success will only help boost your confidence to be successful in everything you do.
  • To be fit you have to be realistic, you have to know that a day’s work out does not affect your body in any way. To achieve that good figure or physique you’ve always wanted you have to train yourself consistently, you have to work out every day. Working out on a regular basis will show good results and make you feel proud of your efforts but in consistent work out will only kill all the effort you put in.
  •  Choose your workout depending on how you want your body to be, if you want a muscular figure hit the gym and work on achieving that perfect body. If you want to become slim and have a toned body you should try cycling, brisk walking, jogging and running. Choosing work outs depending on your needs will help you mould your body as per your needs.
  • Meditate before you begin your exercise. Persuading your mind and body to work out can be really difficult. Meditating helps you prepare yourself to workout, hence make it a practise to give yourself some peace before starting your exercise.
  • Working out alone can be dull, un-interesting and a big bore. To make exercise more fun and happening ask your friend or someone from your family to join you in your work outs. Working out with someone will keep you interested in your fitness. Your friend will continuously motivate and help you exercise better. Look for a partner who has the same goals as you, this will help you’ll work together and enjoy your fitness regime.
  • Spare at least 30 minutes a day to work out and stay fit. Set aside a particular time for your exercise and maintain the timing. Treat your scheduled work time as you will treat any important commitment. Giving yourself and your fitness time is extremely important.
  • Along with your fitness it is better to have EU Health Card which provides sponsored medical care at low cost or free. Committing to your fitness can be difficult but not impossible, tell yourself you can do it and you will surely do it. Believing and trusting in yourself is very important to keep yourself motivated. To keep your mind calm listen to music when working out and keep smiling.

Whether you have an established business or you’re just starting up, you have probably heard of this thing called SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of improving your ranking on Google. It works by editing and carefully crafting your websites content so Google picks it up as valuable and relevant to particular search terms.  You can either do this yourself or hire an online marketing agency to help you craft your website to be the best that it can be.

If you decide to do it in house, you will need to put together a team of online marketing experts. Invest some time in marketing students who should be ahead of the curve when it comes to the development within the industry. As we are dealing with the internet here, it moves pretty fast, so you need some quick thinkers, some that think outside the box and can develop ideas that anticipate the next move Google may make in regards to their algorithms.

You also don’t have to put together a team that mirrors what other people are doing. Each business has their own goals and brand that they want to bring to the people, the way you go about doing that is entirely up to you. There are general rules that everyone follows due to Google’s algorithm, but you can easily approach these ground rules with a level of flexibility and creativity that works with you.

If you go for the option of choosing an online marketing company like Optimising to take on the role of SEO experts, you can still get a thorough and catered approach but at a more affordable price. When you employee your own team, you are paying a bunch of separate wages, whereas an online marketing company will only charge you for the overall service they provide. They are also experts in the industry because this is purely what they do! So it’s always a good idea to invest in a little bit of expertise to get you up and running.

Ivy works in online marketing, optimising website content to help brands get ahead.

5 New Break Out Fall TV Shows

If you're getting tired of prime-time's same-old line up, try these five new breakout hits for some great escapist fun. Make sure to choose the right TV service to ensure you add this line up of great new shows to your viewing.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Joss Whedon is the master of geeky comic-book fun, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D looks to be no exception to his quirky yet excellent production of guilty pleasures. Clark Gregg returns as Agent Coulson, (exactly how did he survive being fatally shot in The Avengers?) while Chloe Bennet and Ming-Na Wen round out an awesome cast of not-so-supernatural superheroes.

It's good to see Whedon resume his role in Marvel's universe--he definitely earned his place with The Avengers--but whether he can transfer the excitement of the big screen to prime time television is yet to be seen. It's definitely worthwhile to give him his chance.

Masters of Sex

What would the new season be without a racy new drama? Follow the misadventures of Dr. William Masters - played by Twilight's Michael Sheen - as he sets out to study the ultimate taboo and sparks the sexual revolution. Lizzy Caplan plays Dr. Master's partner in science as together they turn the mid-western scruples of a teaching hospital in St. Louis up-side-down and ultimately bring the true science of sex to the forefront of the American psyche on Johnny Carson's couch.

The Michael J. Fox Show

NBC might actually have a chance this year with this beloved actor's return to the small screen. The Michael J. Fox Show is definitely considered irreverent by some critics since it mirrors Fox's life with Parkinson's disease and he isn't the least bit shy about having a laugh at his own expense. But in truth, this isn't really the gist of the show. It's just a way of taking on “the elephant in the room,” while addressing issues that we all can relate to.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Do we really need another police drama in our Fall lineup? After all, it might be just about the most played-out genre on the small screen. But a cop comedy that feels free to poke a little fun at crime show clichés might be just what the doctor ordered. Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, who plays the show's main protagonist Detective Jake Peralta, is surrounded by a strong cast that is definitely on their game. This cast's great chemistry makes for side-splitting laughter at times.

Sleepy Hollow

Halloween is never over in Sleepy Hollow. In what might be one of the weirdest premises for a television series, Ichabod Crane enters the 21 Century as one of the Bible's four horsemen of the apocalypse. But rather than being overly serious, the show pokes fun at its weirdness with hilarious quotes like “Freeze! Put your hands over your...” Well, he is the headless horseman after all. Sleepy Hollow is definitely taking a walk on the wild side, and although it features a largely unknown cast, this series is proving to be a breakout hit for several of its members.

The major mobile networks may be trumpeting the launch of their 4G services across the UK, but for many months, the only network offering the next generation of mobile broadband to smartphone and tablet users was Everything Everywhere (EE). 

EE had the jump on all of its main competitors, being in a position to roll out its superfast 4G services to hundreds of UK towns and cities. Indeed, the operator is now able to offer its customers the chance to buy an EE iPhone 5C – the very latest Apple iPhone model and one that is ready and compatible with 4G.

With such a headstart on its rivals and with a lot of experience with 4G, EE is the perfect authority to turn to in order to speculate on the future of 4G internet in the UK. The head of network strategy for Everything Everywhere, Paul Ceely, has quite a few ideas on where 4G will take us in the next few years.

For EE, as well as aiming to hook up 98 per cent of the UK to 4G services by the end of 2014, the network believes that double-speed 4G is the future for the service. The operator has already successfully trialled double-speed 4G – and 4G is already believed to be twice as fast as 3G – in 12 major cities, and plans to roll it out to all of its EE 4G phone and tablet customers across the country.

Speeds can also be increased further, according to Ceely, by an upgrade called LTE Advanced, where spectrums are joined up to provide mind-blowing speeds. However, customers won’t be able to access these until new handsets compatible with LTE Advanced can be produced. Last on the EE agenda is roaming, which the network promises it is working on for its customers.

Best Websites to get HD Hindi Movies for Free Download

We all love to watch movies. Movies are a great  source of entertainment. This entertainment can be increased to a new level if we watch it in something more better and good quality. Yes, I mean High Definition (HD) movies format.
You will say that Hindi movies wont need HD because they don't have much Visual FX or animation to show, but trust me, it feels really good to watch one in HD. It brings more colors, more interesting and most importantly more high quality images to look at the actor and actress.
Here is a list of websites offering High Definition HD Hindi movies free download.



Honey8ee - TPB











These were some of the sites which provide downloads. So get ready to have hindi hd movies download

Adding Custom Permalink to Blogger Posts

SEO is practically the most important factor when designing a blog or a website. One of these SEO tactics is to design a custom URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ) so that the posts or the pages are easily indexed by Search Engines. Most of the new CMS ( Content Management Systems ) provide this. However this option in Blogger was not there until the recently. This is pretty easy to use and implement.
This tutorial will be teaching you how to add a custom permalink to your posts for getting better results. Moreover this will be a very easy tutorial so there is no need to be a tech expert for this.


1. When writing the post click on Permalink on the left side.

2. Once you click it you will see an option of 'Automatic Permalink' and another or 'Custom Permalink'.

3. Select Custom Permalink and then enter the link you would like to put.

4. Once you enter the link you can press 'Done'.

This method is very effective. The reason behind this is because of the keywords in the link are wisely recognized by the Search Engines and then they are categorized into a topic.
You can use this method to enter different keywords at different times. However be sure that you don't do bombarding of keywords.
The only con this method has is that the permalink cannot be changed once the post has been published.

10+ Facebook Etiquette You Need to Follow

Facebook is practically the most used Social Network right now. It helps us a lot to communicate with other people and interact with them. One can use this service for many purposes including business too. But if you take a look into it you will understand that this service can turn into a nightmare if the steps aren't followed neatly.

1.     Never like your own photo or status. You liked your photo that’s why you are sharing it.

2.     Do not chat with your family members.

3.     Think twice before putting any post on facebook otherwise people will consider wrong meaning out of it.

4.     Do not show your office frustration on facebook as your boss or colleague might be in your friend list. This could affect your rating.

5.     Do not post any important or personal message on any one’s wall instead message or mail it.

6.     It’s not necessary to like or put comment on each and every post of your closest friend.

7.     Do not comment on yours friend photo shared by third person which is unknown to you.

8.     While posting photo, do not tag people those have nothing to do with it. It might be irritating for them.

9.     While sending new friend request give your identification or mention where did you meet.

10.    While updating your relationship status inform your partner well in advance because generally you receive more comment on such status.

11.     Do not share each and anything. People will start avoiding you.

12.     Do not add people in group or send them game request without their permission.

13.     Most important, don’t thank your friend in single sentence. Try to reply individually because they would wished you thought their busy schedule.